Plan your route

The entrance to Gaspé Bay is bounded on the north by Cape Gaspé and south by Pointe-Saint-Pierre and Ile Plate, after which it extends inland for approximately 16 nautical miles.

It is separated from Havre de Gaspé by a natural breakwater, a sand spit known as Boom Defence, that stretches from Sandy Beach almost to Penouille. Leading lights on Penouille clearly mark the route to and through the short, narrow, entrance passage past its end. The channel there (48 50.75 ‘N 64 24.75’ W) is also marked by two buoys.

  • Width of the entrance channel: 0.3 nautical miles
  • Depth of the channel: 15 m
  • Depth of Havre de Gaspé: from 4 to 11 m at low tide

The Gaspé Marina of the Club Nautique Jacques-Cartier (48º 49.67′ N 64° 28.45′ W) is easily accessible, day or night. It is located on the south shore of the harbor, just downstream from the bridge.