La dame de Forillon : A Bantry yole in Gaspé

The Bantry yole, or gig, is a wooden boat propelled by oars or sail that was used in the seventeenth century, as a shuttle boat by naval vessels. Since 1986, about 70 have been built from a model dating from the eighteenth century.  The use of what at the time was called “an elegant little boat”, has today become increasingly popular. However, there are only three yoles in Quebec, of which one is in Gaspé!

La dame de Forillon

The Dame de Forillon was born of a project “Building to Reconnect,” a co-op work-study project in which twelve young people from Rivière-au-Renard were literally invited to embark on this educational project and build a yole.

Since her launch in 2008, the Dame de Forillon has been entrusted to the Club Natique Jacques-Cartier, which offers activities to develop awareness of this beautiful boat.

Formation of a crew that trains on a regular basis
• Organization of friendly sport or competition meetings with other teams in Quebec
• Outings for companies wishing to carry out a “teamwork” activity  
• Outings for groups of friends
• Daily outings for the general public during the tourist season

The Bantry yole is a wooden boat, 38 feet in length. The crew consists of 11 people, 10 rowers and a coxswain.