Board of directors

Non-profit organization (NPO): Club Nautique Jacques-Cartier inc.

Jean-Marc Rioux, commodore

Louis Beaulieu, tresurer

Anne Gauthy 

Michèle Labrèche 

Luc Verville

Steve Horth 

Firmin Mathurin 

Philippe St-Pierre 

Harbor master : Doris Cauvier

Handling :  Richard Langlais (ground), Mario Francoeur (workshop)

Administration : Michèle Van de Kaa

Comptability :  Sara Moerman

Attendant reception : Chantal Élément

Wine waiter :  Florian Monchy-Olivet


Nautical Club counts on the collaboration of several volunteers who are involved, according to their taste and abilities to either and projets and that in turn enliven the marina and sailing school.

As such, we wish to thank the people who ensure the maintenance of this website:

Lucie Fauteux, professional drafting of the texts of the website.

Tracy Wolfe, the English translation.