Fundraiser of Cormoran sailing school

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HEAR YE! HEAR YE! The Cormoran Sailing School is spreading its wings!

The Cormoran Sailing School has projects in mind! Anxious to convey a passion for sailing to the Gaspé population and attract more participants, the sailing school wants to grow.

That is why it took advantage of the Festival of Boating, July 10 to launch a fundraising campaign, in order to give birth to various development projects. But first, it needs to renovate its facilities, to expand, and to develop a toilet block, and a classroom and multipurpose meeting room, insulated and equipped with new technologies.

The cost of these projects would amount to $306,000.

To carry these projects “safely to harbour”, the sailing school needs the support of all: associated organizations, involved businesses, dedicated volunteers, and inspired citizens. Two community organizations have already confirmed their support, the MRC of La Côte-de-Gaspé, in the amount of $25,000, and the City of Gaspé for an amount of $23,900.

The Cormoran Sailing School is facing a major challenge, but thanks to your generosity, we are certain that a sum of $100,000 can be raised to contribute to the project.

Please give generously!

There are several ways to donate to the sailing school:
• Click this button, “Donate
• Call or visit the Club Nautique Jacques-Cartier (418 368-1288, 10 rue de la Marina, Gaspé)
• Make a check payable to: “Cormoran Sailing School Fundraising Campaign”

Future Cormoran Sailing School building

New facilities will enable the Cormoran Sailing School to continue its important role in Gaspe. Active here for 35 years, it has trained more than 3,000 young sailors who will be our future. Over the years, it has given Gaspé residents and visitors alike, nautical values, a passion for sailing, and a strong sense of belonging to the milieu and the region.

For more information, consult this document.

The team of Club Nautique Jacques Cartier and the Cormoran Sailing School